Shared cars of Amber available in WTC Amsterdam

Shared cars of Amber available from 17 February for all World Trade Center Amsterdam tenants.

The electric cars from the Eindhoven-based carsharing company Amber will soon be available in the parking garage for all WTC Amsterdam tenants. Amber is the fastest growing mobility provider in the Netherlands and exploits sharing hubs throughout the country. In collaboration with CBRE, Amber opens a new hub in the parking garage of World Trade Center Amsterdam. "Being able to offer a fully-fledged alternative to car ownership". That is the dream with which Amber was founded in 2016 and that is still the mission that everyone at Amber strives for every day. Cars stand still for 95% of the time and take up a lot of space. In addition, 98% of cars run on fossil fuels and problems such as traffic jams, parking pressure and poor air quality keep getting bigger. Because Amber offers the guarantee that a car is available, your own car will actually become superfluous. In this way, fewer cars have to be produced (with a lot of emissions being released!) and cities become more attractive, livable and healthier.

Mobility is largely business-like, but traditional pool-car systems or other sharing services are poor in matching supply and demand, which means that even with these systems cars still stand still and there is no guarantee that a car will be available. Amber offers all its users guaranteed mobility from all hubs in the Netherlands, and from 17 February also in the WTC. Ease of use, unburdening, sustainability and flexibility are of paramount importance to Amber. With a fleet of fully electric BMW i3s, Amber currently offers mobility to more than 7,000 users throughout the Netherlands. All users can pick up and return cars at all public hubs in the Netherlands. This hub-system increases the flexibility of users and makes multimodal travel easier. The only thing you need is the Amber app. For more information, visit or contact Amber directly via